Lean, designed by Faruk Malhan, is a desk system aiming to increase efficiency in office space use. Lean users enjoy a greater sense of freedom thanks to its customizable structure that caters to different needs in the workplace.

The thinner edges of Lean’s legs are placed on the corners of the specially designed table top with a steel section. When walking around Lean, it appears as if its leg thickness varies, which contributes to its light aesthetic. Lean can be used in diverse settings ranging from individual workplaces to workstations for two to six people. The series also offers a wide range of options in meeting tables, including models where ten people can work together. Lean’s refined look makes it suitable for meeting spaces with different design needs.

Desk screens can be added to Lean desks to create a more focused work environment. These desk screens, which enable acoustic isolation, can also be combined with other workplace accessories.