In practical terms, the industrial approach eliminated the need for special components, as all the chairs had the same legs, just as the main emphasis was not on detailing, since the underlying ideology of making well-designed furniture accessible to the general population was the primary focus. FDB revolutionized the industry as a precursor of many of the design icons that Denmark is acknowledged for today around the world.

The FDB series also pioneered knock-down furniture: furniture that comes in a box and is assembled by the user. Kvist Møbler produced the FDB furniture then and still does today – only now with HAY as the standard-bearer for the democratic values

Poul M. Volther created this chair before he gained world fame with his easy chair Corona, but seen in the larger context of his work as a furniture designer, it matches his overall expression, including the oval shapes and the interplay of open and solid elements, as if the gaps are as much a part of the design as the actual seat surface. This three-legged FDB classic is less well-known, but that only makes it all the more interesting.

* Please note that this product is available in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai only*