SixE Learn
Simplicity acknowledged Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic and Ease of handling: these six “E” words sum up the SixE chair, designed to be the most efficient, sturdy, and long-lasting stacking shell chair available. SixE provides the crucial support and ergonomics needed for an ideal chair experience and offers superior comfort and efficiency. Like all HOWE […]
Manhattan Table Modules
Playful and informal Squares, rectangles and even circles are commonplace in furniture design, but the Manhattan soft seating concept is based on an innovative pentagon shape, making for a simple, playful, and creative environment.
Stripes PET Felt Acoustic Panel
A pre-designed, tileble template that offers great sound absorbtion and aestetics. The acoustic PET felt panels are available in 10 different colour blends.
LW5 Rubber Pendant Lamp
The design of the LW Series was inspired by vintage industrial lamps. To give the lamps a surprising touch they are made out of soft rubber. Through dip moulding, the lamps have a flexible yet sturdy structure.
Beech Stool High Back
Beech Stool is a three legged solid wooden stool with a stainless steel footrest. Subtle details such as a seemingly floating seat and rounded legs make this bar stool elegant and refined. Also available with back rests in two variations for exiting mix & match combinations.
Form Trading Desk
At first glance, FORm_office™ is a sophisticated benching system with personal appointments that make working at it a pleasurable experience. The other side of the story is inside the bench, where superior cable management, technology accommodations and rugged superstructure make FORm_office a benchmark of intelligent engineering and clean, contemporary design.
Andoo Table – Solid Wood
Archetype for aesthetes: the elegance of fine coordinated details is the message of the solid wood table Andoo. Reduced volumes interact with a minimalist aesthetic philosophy and at the same time convey timeless stability. Precise, linear edges meet bevelled expanses. The result: an ingenious act of angles and light. An indication of the great appreciation […]
Maximum impact from minimal form. With or without armrests, the Jason chair has classic poise. And the comfort of an armchair: with pocket springs in the seat and a gently sprung back section. You can choose between 18 versions – with different back heights and widths. From visitors’ chairs to cantilever models. The corresponding barstool […]
Frame Lite
Creative communication: Frame Lite is varied and variable. The furniture for conference rooms combines representative design with useful functions. Minimalist in the thickness of its table tops, Frame Lite demonstrates lightness and modern elegance. The table tops can be connected with different table legs without the need for any tools thanks to fast connections. The […]
Jaan Living 781
For a unisex interior. Jaan combines the best designs for the worlds of living and office. Charming and powerful, straight and harmonious – sofa and armchair combine apparent opposites. The compact cube floats on elegant legs in a balanced harmony of lightness and weight. The final touches were given particular attention: it is not only […]
Leather Side Table
The elegant Leather Side Tables by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec owe their aesthetic appeal to the contrast between the thin table tops and plinth-like bases. The precisely crafted leather covers with decorative seams are available in the colours nero or chocolate.
Alcove Highback 2 Seater
The fundamental idea behind the Alcove product family – providing places of shelter and seclusion – also applies to Alcove Highback Work: the sofa shields users both visually and acoustically from the surrounding environment, forming a space for withdrawal. With its integrated tablet desk, storage box and cable inlet, Alcove Highback Work is a sofa […]


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