Open Up (Swivel Chair)
Motivation comes from being able to lean back and relax during a hard working day. Switch off and free up your thoughts – no problem when you have open up in the office. Whenever you need to clear your head. Sitting, standing, lying: this elegant office chair with integrated “Similar” and dorsokinetic mechanisms makes any […]
Talk About
Sedus talk about is a classic seminar/conference table system in a modern, understated design. The most basic description of a table is: “A top and four legs”. This simplicity, combined with the maximum lightness, results in a clear and elegant look – a real virtue, especially in complex table configurations. At the same time, the […]
Beech Chair Open
The “Beech” chair is made from bent wood, has a refined backrest, and features a seemingly floating seat. The chair comes with a closed or open backrest, both surprisingly comfortable.
Jalis Chair
Cushions are archetypal pieces of seating furniture, especially in Arab countries. With Jalis, they are raised to a European seating level and transformed into chairs. What looks like a cushion with a kink in it is in fact a complexly upholstered, stably built item of seating furniture relative of the eponymous Orient-inspired upholstered Jalis sofa. […]
DIVA Table
Go beyond Diva’s striking wooden exterior and discover a host of ingenious design elements, each cleverly concealed within the solid timber build and die cast aluminium features. From smart ‘powered legs’ that seamlessly run wires up from the floor, to a hidden under-carriage to conceal power leads, eye-catching aesthetics are only part of Diva’s story. […]
Form Trading Desk
At first glance, FORm_office™ is a sophisticated benching system with personal appointments that make working at it a pleasurable experience. The other side of the story is inside the bench, where superior cable management, technology accommodations and rugged superstructure make FORm_office a benchmark of intelligent engineering and clean, contemporary design.
Open Up (Meeting & conference chair)
The Sedus open up conference and visitor chairs show how light sitting comfort can look. Characterised by transparency, the design conveys openness and simultaneously stands out due to its inviting contours. Irrespective of whether you choose the swivel chair version or the cantilever chair, you decide in favour of a comfortable sitting experience.
Temptation C (Single user desk)
Ergonomics begins where functionality ends. The Sedus temptation c desk system, for example, which combines design, ergonomics and economy. One of the strengths of this system is its convenient height-adjustment technology that guarantees maximum flexibility. The perfect way to work – temptation c makes a valuable daily contribution towards stress reduction and ergonomic work processes.
Beech Bench
The “Beech” bench has the refined backrest of the “Beech” chair. A special kind of furniture which has a home is in many places. The bench comes with or without a backrest, both surprisingly comfortable.
With its round shape, open to all sides, the Ovo easy chair and stool fit perfectly into discerningly furnished rooms as the crowning touch. A matching tray, lacquered or in wood veneer, transforms the Ovo stool into a side table in the blink of an eye. The backrests available in two different widths ensure maximum […]
Cap is designed as a personal work zone, to provide a silent harbor in the midst of a large open plan layout. As the communal areas grow in number and scale, privacy is becoming a more critical issue for anyone who wishes to concentrate on a piece of work that needs attention and focus. Rather […]
Form Height Adjustable Table
In 2012, Innovant introduced integrated electric height adjustability into our FORm_office benching line, subsequently winning Best in Benching Category at Neocon. Surfaces are individually adjustable to suit user requirements, and can be supplied as adjustable on Day-1, or retrofitted for adjustability on Day-2 with minimum effort.


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