Collaborative office furniture helps to create the perfect environment for creative workspaces, informal meetings, and brainstorming sessions.


About a Stool is the bar stool of the series. It has the same capacity for transformation as the other members of the family and ranges from a minimalist and simple plastic stool to a more full-bodied upholstered version. The frame in this version of About a Stool has a delicate expression but is made […]
Bella Coffee Table
Bella Coffee Table is a site-specific design made for the luxury hotel Bella Sky in Copenhagen, and it offers a perfect side table for a few small items. The matt stain, which is available in a range of contemporary colours, lets the natural grain of the wood shine through.
Bay Chair Counter
A new chair typology for contemporary offices. For team work, meetings and collaborative gatherings at a table height of 113 cm. The design is emotional and features organic, flowing lines: soft styling with a human touch. Created as a counterpoint to the rigid, geometric forms prevalent in the office. A chair with a high level […]
Parcs Toguna Circle Small
Toguna Circle Small – The light version of the Toguna Circle. Two upholstered Soft Wall elements enclosing a radius of 220 cm when placed facing each other, height 141 cm.  The Soft Wall elements form a single unit with the curved Toguna Benches. No floor, no ceiling. The elements can also be set up individually, […]
As the world’s first fully certified task chair to provide dynamic support without the need for manual user adjustments, Trinetic represents the next generation of task seating. Trinetic provides tangible circulatory and musculoskeletal benefits by being designed to actively and intuitively support the thousands of micro-movements that we all make across every hour of every […]
40/4 Chair w/Writing Tablet
Simple, stackable, remarkable David Rowland’s 40/4 stackable chair is one of the most important designs of the 20th century. Its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, and unsurpassed ability to create space without taking up space continues to attract architects and designers. An indisputable icon of multifunctional design, the 40/4 chair is featured in design collections and […]
Tempest Configuration
The icon of multi-purpose flip-top tables Tempest is the original space-saving flip-top table system for use in multi-purpose eating, meeting, training and conferencing facilities. Whether you prefer a big conference table, a modular meeting table, a low lounge table or a high bar table, Tempest has the answers. Its beautiful and rock solid flip-top mechanism […]
Early Bird
The open balanced form correspond to its functional qualities. Early bird is an office swivel chair with sophisticated technology, ergonomic and durable quality and numerous equipment variants. Three foot crosses, ten leather colors and over 100 fabrics: Variety is trump at early bird. Infinite possibilities.
Invitation (Team table)
Teamwork comes naturally for us and is the most efficient way to achieve goals. Idea follows idea, puzzle parts join to form a big picture. This is exactly the same with the Sedus invitation system, which is nothing other than an invitation to exchange ideas creatively. Thanks to its modular structure, everyone has their own […]
Temptation Four
Sedus temptation four desk and table system, add value through elegant simplicity, flexibility and functionality. Whether as easy accessible solution for the newcomer or as a complete extandable system for the professional  – temptation four makes furnishing simple. Simply beautiful.
Creating voids for areas of non-work places, we are faced with the archaic settlement of a communal place… A theme in quest for the creative place; via cutting out big holes, one can create voids in the office plan which seems impossible in the overclogged layouts of our present time. Creating voids for areas of […]
Executive-Variable brings height adjustment to the executive office. The range stands for flexible functions and cultivated representation. You can work either sitting or standing. Ergonomic and healthy. The desk top looks like it is floating on the base and pedestal. A harmonious interaction of straight and angular, of expanse and cube. As a freestanding desk […]

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We specialise in supplying exceptional furniture of superior craftsmanship to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. Partnering with our clients, our sole aim is to craft creative solutions selected from the highest quality furniture available internationally, taking into account project requirements, ergonomics and the most advanced technological integrations available. We believe inspirational yet functional furniture improves working environments and elevates the end user experiences.

Founded in 2005, JEB Furniture Solutions is highly experienced with a wide range of country-specific standards, cultures and aesthetics. Our showrooms, located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, mix timeless, iconic pieces with new collections from celebrated contemporary designers.

Made up of four branches, JEB also provides partitions, architectural finishes and customising capabilities. Our wide scope of the construction and refurbishing process, as well as our international experience allows us to deliver unmatched service, choice and confidence when you select furniture with us.