Reddie is your destination for customisable and timeless furniture. You can customise their collection over 1000 unique ways, changing size and materials for each product. Their production consists of a wood, metal, marble, leather and upholstery workshop. They pride themselves on using the highest quality solid teak wood & materials that are ethically sourced.

There are 2 unique ways to work with REDDIE for your projects:
1) Customise standard collection to suit your project needs (by style, material and colour). You can even request custom sizes.
2) Send us a brief (link to our contact page), and we can develop a custom original design for your project.

Reddie’s aim is to provide a flexible and easy to use platform to suit your project’s needs. Every project is different and unique, and we think your furniture should be also.


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We specialise in supplying exceptional furniture of superior craftsmanship to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. Partnering with our clients, our sole aim is to craft creative solutions selected from the highest quality furniture available internationally, taking into account project requirements, ergonomics and the most advanced technological integrations available. We believe inspirational yet functional furniture improves working environments and elevates the end user experiences.

Founded in 2005, JEB Furniture Solutions is highly experienced with a wide range of country-specific standards, cultures and aesthetics. Our showrooms, located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, mix timeless, iconic pieces with new collections from celebrated contemporary designers.

Made up of four branches, JEB also provides partitions, architectural finishes and customising capabilities. Our wide scope of the construction and refurbishing process, as well as our international experience allows us to deliver unmatched service, choice and confidence when you select furniture with us.