Les Basic


A brand that redefines relaxed living. Products of a simple language exemplify less is more through their creative functionality, material care and versatility.


A collection of spun aluminium circles that can be fixed to the wall or door as feature hooks. How do you want to use them—mirror, pinboard, coat hook, or something else? Three sizes and a range of finishes means halo is created by you.
Homework Home
Modular in nature, a sofa system for either home or the workplace. With a range of seating options, a slimline frame, options for table attachments and power outlets, you can feel at home at work—or bring your work home.
Simplicity in the form of a table. With a classic silhouette, dress it down with essential finishes, or make it shine with special details. It’s like a little black dress that looks good anywhere.
Keep it simple when you enter the door so that your mail and keys have the perfect place to live. Mail is held elegantly within the upturned detail; keys attach magically underneath through hidden magnets.
Les Chair
An essential profile that says ‘less is more’. Transparent in form and with stacking capability, the possibilities are in the details.
They come in various shapes and sizes, but with a universal appeal—a spun stainless steel lampholder. So whether you like them wide and flat, petite and narrow, or something in between, there is a nepal for you.
The S1 stool come side table is perfectly balanced for both indoor or outdoor applications.
Hack the system with this modular and scalable shelving unit. Sections are repeated or deleted with ease. Link them, extend them, make them fit perfectly into the rooms of your life.
A home and office companion that does it all. Bedside table, drinks trolley, display, mobile office or individual dining setting, it is supremely mobile and is there simply to be at your service.
Sturdy on its 4 legs, but visually light with a cantilever design, this collection of bar stools are perfectly balanced for home, office, or hospitality environments.
Not just cute and cuddly, wombat is a good mark on our social conscience. Made from the textile offcuts of our Les Basic upholstered products, this plush toy is doing its part to reduce waste and at the same time providing vital support to the wildlife of Australia, with a percentage of every sale going […]

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We specialise in supplying exceptional furniture of superior craftsmanship to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. Partnering with our clients, our sole aim is to craft creative solutions selected from the highest quality furniture available internationally, taking into account project requirements, ergonomics and the most advanced technological integrations available. We believe inspirational yet functional furniture improves working environments and elevates the end user experiences.

Founded in 2005, JEB Furniture Solutions is highly experienced with a wide range of country-specific standards, cultures and aesthetics. Our showrooms, located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, mix timeless, iconic pieces with new collections from celebrated contemporary designers.

Made up of four branches, JEB also provides partitions, architectural finishes and customising capabilities. Our wide scope of the construction and refurbishing process, as well as our international experience allows us to deliver unmatched service, choice and confidence when you select furniture with us.