Our product development, engineering, production and sales departments all work with the understanding that the best product design is often a combination of our award-winning furniture lines and features designed by the customer project team. In fact, we encourage
clients who first visit Innovant to bring their design ideas forward so we can demonstrate our creativeness in delivering intelligent solutions. We accelerate the process through the use of the fastest and most sophisticated rendering capability in the industry. Our photorealistic renderings are generated by real engineered components to provide the most accurate presentation of a client’s product. Combined with super-fast prototyping capability, we deliver a collaborative development environment that rapidly moves client teams towards consensus on critical design issues without fear of quality, cost or lead time


Form Trading Desk
At first glance, FORm_office™ is a sophisticated benching system with personal appointments that make working at it a pleasurable experience. The other side of the story is inside the bench, where superior cable management, technology accommodations and rugged superstructure make FORm_office a benchmark of intelligent engineering and clean, contemporary design. * Please note that this […]
Form Height Adjustable Table
In 2012, Innovant introduced integrated electric height adjustability into our FORm_office benching line, subsequently winning Best in Benching Category at Neocon. Surfaces are individually adjustable to suit user requirements, and can be supplied as adjustable on Day-1, or retrofitted for adjustability on Day-2 with minimum effort. * Please note that this product is available in […]
NEO Height Adjustable Trading Desk
NEO trading desks are engineered to be height adjustable, but can be specified as fixed height. Day-2 conversion to adjustable height is a simple process: order a limited kit of parts and install them onto the desk. NEO is the fastest convertible desk in the industry, saving clients time and money. Our lifting columns are […]
AG Monitor arms
Ag Arm is a sophisticated and stylish display mounting system for LCD monitors up to 30”. Designed for integration atop all Innovant furniture products, Ag Arm can also be intelligently specified to prevent collisions with adjacent monitor arms and privacy panels on adjustable height desks. Ag Arm’s modular parts enable the creation of a broad […]

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We specialise in supplying exceptional furniture of superior craftsmanship to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. Partnering with our clients, our sole aim is to craft creative solutions selected from the highest quality furniture available internationally, taking into account project requirements, ergonomics and the most advanced technological integrations available. We believe inspirational yet functional furniture improves working environments and elevates the end user experiences.

Founded in 2005, JEB Furniture Solutions is highly experienced with a wide range of country-specific standards, cultures and aesthetics. Our showrooms, located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, mix timeless, iconic pieces with new collections from celebrated contemporary designers.

Made up of four branches, JEB also provides partitions, architectural finishes and customising capabilities. Our wide scope of the construction and refurbishing process, as well as our international experience allows us to deliver unmatched service, choice and confidence when you select furniture with us.