Bene is a leading international specialist in the design and furnishing of inspiring office and working environments. Bene defines the office as a living space and its concepts, products and services turn this philosophy into reality. It combines a tradition of quality stretching back 225 years with innovation and award-winning design. The corporate group has its head office and production facilities in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria, and is active in more than 40 countries. As a full-service provider, Bene implements office concepts, and thereby contributes to its customers’ corporate success.


Bay Chair (4 Star Swivel Base)
Emotional, versatile, intuitive. The Bay Chair is a new type of chair for teamwork, meetings and collaboration in open communication zones, or for temporary focused work in the Dock-In Bay. The design is emotional, with organically flowing lines: soft styling with a human touch. The Bay Chair is intended as a friendly antithesis to the […]
Parcs Toguna Circle
A dynamic meeting point and the perfect setting for the exchange of ideas and collaborative working. Toguna Circle—a circular room within a room with the unmistakeable air of a domestic lounge. In the thick of the action yet also private. With its three metre diameter, Toguna Circle offers plenty of space for up to ten […]
Bay Chair Counter
A new chair typology for contemporary offices. For team work, meetings and collaborative gatherings at a table height of 113 cm. The design is emotional and features organic, flowing lines: soft styling with a human touch. Created as a counterpoint to the rigid, geometric forms prevalent in the office. A chair with a high level […]
Parcs Toguna Circle Small
Toguna Circle Small – The light version of the Toguna Circle. Two upholstered Soft Wall elements enclosing a radius of 220 cm when placed facing each other, height 141 cm.  The Soft Wall elements form a single unit with the curved Toguna Benches. No floor, no ceiling. The elements can also be set up individually, […]
Filo Conference
The Filo Table represents concentration, communication and the intelligent integration of media technology. Filo owes its lightness to the distinctive shape of its base, designed using four widely spread ‘antler‘ style arms.The Filo Table radiates elegance, and offers smooth surfaces with hidden technology that leaves the conference table’s surface untouched. Filo Table proves its adaptability […]
Docklands Dock-In Bay
Anchor point in a mobile work environment or private retreat for focused work. The Dock-In Bays are screened-off bays for stormy periods at the office and a central element of the DOCKLANDS, the new furniture typology for open spaces. As a shared private space, they offer a temporary, alternative workspace for individual, focused work. Their […]
Filo 4-Star Table
A meeting table for small-scale discussions. A basis for constructive discussions. The innovative Filo 4-Star Table has everything that a meeting table needs for small-scale discussions with great results.  It owes its extraordinary stability and visual elegance to the striking shape of the table frame, with its four wide arms – “the antlers” – combined […]
A smart piece of lounge furniture for brief moments of waiting and communication or networking. Coffice is an innovative furniture set for all areas intended for discussion, work and information exchange in a laid-back setting. A smart piece of lounge furniture for brief moments of waiting and communication or networking. Coffice is suited specifically for […]
Filo Chair
An innovative conference chair, intended for communication in the office. Designed by EOOS by Keilhauer, the Filo Chair represents a new type of office chair with very comfortable seating for the conference, meeting and executive areas, as well as for workstations in the front office. Filo’s armrests plus sophisticated yet simple mechanical device provide continuous flexibility […]
AL Executive Office
Fascination with aluminium AL stands for the visible aluminium material, a symbol of lightness and high-tech.The AL Management executive line inspires with its exclusive materials, extraordinary details, high-quality workmanship and sophisticated finish. With its lightness, clarity and reduction to the essentials, the AL line appeals to executives who have set themselves high standards. A furniture […]
This comfortable cantilever chair is based on a modern design criteria. Classic elegance for conferences, meetings or executive applications. The chair’s shape excels with informality and positions it in the minimalist Zeitgeist. The Dexter provides superior seating comfort. With its classic and yet modern style, the cantilever chair can be used in all representative communication […]
AL Selection
Elegant, striking & rare. Successful management makes itself clear. This is also evident in office furnishings. Premium materials convey a sense of elegance in their pure design. A convincing first impression with maximum attention to detail: AL Selection combines aluminium with oak, glass and premium thick leather. The executive desks provide modern media integration and drawers with electronic locking. LED background […]

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We specialise in supplying exceptional furniture of superior craftsmanship to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. Partnering with our clients, our sole aim is to craft creative solutions selected from the highest quality furniture available internationally, taking into account project requirements, ergonomics and the most advanced technological integrations available. We believe inspirational yet functional furniture improves working environments and elevates the end user experiences.

Founded in 2005, JEB Furniture Solutions is highly experienced with a wide range of country-specific standards, cultures and aesthetics. Our showrooms, located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, and Australia, mix timeless, iconic pieces with new collections from celebrated contemporary designers.

Made up of four branches, JEB also provides partitions, architectural finishes and customising capabilities. Our wide scope of the construction and refurbishing process, as well as our international experience allows us to deliver unmatched service, choice and confidence when you select furniture with us.