JEB team has transformed one of our clients’ office interior into a modern agile workplace in collaboration with designer firm Space Matrix Singapore. JEB Furniture Solutions has supplied and installed 12 Height-adjustable fORM Trading Desks from Innovant to a prominent financial institution in the prestigious Capita Green area in Singapore earlier this month.


With a goal in mind and a sense of resourcefulness, the JEB Furniture Solutions team was able to solve the client’s issue. Before, each monitor arm was not stable enough to cater for the large quantity of computer monitors on each work station. The high level of transaction the client faces every day means that each monitor arm would need to include multiple monitors at one time.

The Innovant fORM desk was thus selected. The fully ergonomically-designed sit/stand desks created an agile and practical workspace, and all monitors now fit firmly into each desk. The traders, who work through long hours, can now freely switch between sitting and standing during their work without a worry.

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| 19/09/2017

Stable Agility – How JFS transformed a financial client’s office in Singapore