Clockwise from the left: Suri Pouf, Boccaporto and Ikaros

We are proud to present our latest office furniture from our Turkish brand partner Koleksiyon. A feature of a modern office is visually appealing and practical furniture. With that, employees can feel an extra sense of comfort and privacy. And that is why we are in to introduce this collection.

Suri Pouf: Sleek Convenience

The Suri pouf takes its inspiration from the traditional “Ottoman fez”. While being highly appealing for the eye, it is a very trusty complement for offices public areas. It can be used as a pouf for chit-chats, or as an ad hoc coffee table for a quick meeting.

For the Mobile Work Dynamics

If you are looking for extra privacy and acoustics, the Boccaporto personal cubicle provides an isolated environment. It is ideal for a quick focus session for an individual or a team with its coziness and acoustics.

At the same time, Ikaros is a armchair designed to also function as a desk. This agile design is a game changer – employees can use it in the middle of any work zone or at confluence, virtually acting as a mobile workstation. The armchair can also act as a writing tablet and a table with all surface areas available for use. For that convenience, the Ikaros is a staple of our latest office furniture.

Feel free to browse our catalogue to get more inspiration from our Koleksiyon line.

| 30/10/2017

JEB Brand Feature – Koleksiyon